Project Description

Pegasus is a business park in Diegem, most of the buildings were built in 1995.
The old Johnson Control building became vacant and it was decided to renovate this completely according to the BREAM assessment method. (analyse, improve and determine sustainability performance of a construction project)

The entire building was completely trimmed and then fully furnished with the latest techniques to optimize consumption such as water, heating and ventilation.

The building has been redesigned from head to toe, which currently houses 3 companies.
Dynaset has done the entire interior with standard techniques such as system walls, raised floor, custom work, … but also cooled ceilings, cooling, heating and GBS system (General Building System).

For example, the employee can remotely adjust his own workplace settings in terms of ventilation and heating.

Project Details

  • Built Area : 8000 m2
  • Total Cost : € 7.000.000
  • Project Type : General contracting
  • What we did : Total furnishing
  • Project Time : 24 months (offices were open)

Important Points

  • Innovative automations
  • Latest new trends

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