Project Description

Befimmo is a trendsetter in the office market. They strive for values such as ecology, BREAM renovations, high finishing, etc. and were looking for a partner to redesign their existing offices.

In collaboration with architectural firm LD2, 2500m² of office space were stripped and redesigned in very short term using the latest techniques and design.

As a general contractor, Dynaset took care of the new plumbing, data cabling, fire-resistant products, lobby entrance(made in our own carpentry), curved walls, acoustic techniques and more.

Project Details

  • Built Area : 2500 m2
  • Total Cost : € 2.000.000
  • Project Type : General contracting
  • What we did : Total furnishing
  • Project Time : 4 months

Important Points

  • Collaboration for the curved walls
  • Acoustic techniques
  • Latest new trends

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